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1930s Moon Lamp

This 1930s moon lamp is a beautiful piece of art-house scale metal and glass sculpture design by ivorine. Thedancerlady on themoon bronze is complete with a detachable cloak of silver and brass, and a figural lamp base. She is barefoot and wearing a high top hat and/or bandanna. This piece is a perfect addition to any home decor.

1930 Moon Lamp

The 1930 moon lamp is a beautiful piece of art that has many uses. When used correctly, it can be used as a beautiful light show. It is easy to make, and can be apaneled with any favorite fabric. Use your creativity to come up with interesting ideas for design and function. You won't be disappointed with this lamp!

1930's Moon Lamp

This 1930's moon lamp is made of sterling brooch and has a cats on fence design. It is also within a vintage 1920s style moon street lamp. The design is interesting and add a touch of sophistication to any room. this 1930s lamps is made of sterling brooches. The pin cats on the fence is from a vintage moon street lamp. The lamp is in a modern 1920s style lamp. There are classic and contemporary elements to this 1930s lamp. The contemporary elements are the pins on the fenced off fence, and the glass in the moon street lamp. The traditional elements include the 1930s lamps. this 1930s lamp is a vintage 1920s lamp with a hudson essex tail license light lamp hud. This lamp is a great item for any 1930s related event! this 1930 lamp is a caddy auburn buick mitchell essex hupp cowl light lamp bucket light. It is made of brass and brass with etched essex on it. It is 6" wide, ift wide, and has a cedar wood light. It is equipped with a cowl light, a bucket, and a light oiler. It is also stock with a green and black hardtop.