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A Christmas Story 20 Inch Leg Lamp Prop Replica By Neca

This beautiful 20 inch leg lamp is replica of the one in the movie, complete with neca h4345 stickers. It is perfect for that special someone who loves the movie, or simply wants a beautiful piece of furniture to give as a gift.

Small Leg Lamp

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Neca Christmas Story Leg Lamp

This beautiful leg lamp is perfect for a christmas seasonroud or special. The 21 inch size is perfect for small rooms or spaces that. This leg lamp is a perfect. neca's christmas story leg lamp is a perfect way to light up a room or space this winter. The replica is brand new and has the perfect size for a small. this neca leg lamp is a recreation of the 20 inch lamp from the neca line of products. It is made of plastic and has a green and black finish, and it is covered in river metaphor text that tells the story of a man who trying to get through the winter holiday season. The lamp has a small hole in the base so that you can attach it to a desk, and there are three lightbulbs on top. It is also covered in shiny lead free canvas and has a one year warranty. a christmas story 20 inch leg lamp is a replica that can be powered with an ac power. It is perfect for those who want a gift that will add to the onlookers christmas season. The model is made with high-quality materials and there are many features that make it perfect for gift giving. this is a beautiful 20 inch leg lamp prop replica by neca full size shade. It is perfect for a christmas display or to use as a beautiful light up decoration. It comes with a one year warranty and is a great addition to any home.