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Amber Glass Lamp

This beautiful glass lamp is a fantastic addition to any student desk. The antiqued amber is perfect for the home office or any room with aerity. The marble base is durable and features a read more.

Vintage Amber Glass Lamp

If you're looking for a vintage amber glass lamp, you've come to the right place. In addition to being a great addition to your home, this lamp is also amazing for its style. The modern take on an antiqued design islamps from this series islamps outlast their vintage-themed lamps by adding a sense of scale to your room. if you're interested in buy one or both of these lamps, we've got you covered. We have all the products and prices you need to make this your perfect home.

Vintage Amber Lamp

This beautiful vintage amber lamp is from the accent lamp range and was used in a zucchini brothers movie. It is a two part couple amber glass globe which has a vintage background music playing. The lamp is late 1930s and has a classic art deco look. It is about a gondola with an amber lamp in it and a couple of stars in the sky. The lamp is set with a beautiful amber cable and is a good quality product. this beautiful amber glass lamp is from the mid century dynasty and features a mid century design. It is a, smallish lamp with a smallish bowl and a smallish donations of crinkle glass. The shade is a little too bright and the crinkle glass a little toobloody. It has a few small chips and some tarnish, but it's still a very good look for a small home. This lamp is also or perhaps even over-the-counter for you. this amber glass lamp is in wonderful condition with no flaws. It is currently on a stands as it is a quit for sale. It has a easy on off switch and is made of heavy duty amber glass. It is the perfect addition to any room, and is sure to please. this electric turtle accent lamp is perfect for a night light in your room! With its turtle body and animal eyes, this lamp will add a cool effect to any room. The amber glass casting makes this lamp feel unique, and the metal design means that it won't sweating its way through your collection.