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Antique Lamps With Glass Shades

Our traditional glass bankers desk lamp is back to look and feel like old times. This lamp is made with a sleek glass shade and switch-on light that will give your desk a modern touch. Other features include the classic darkness of a glass bankers desk chair and the comfortable back.

Antique Lamp With Glass Shade

If you're looking for a beautiful, affordable antique lamp to add to your home decor, then you need to check out this one from. It's a simple white shade with a glass panel on the top. It's got a fireside magazine lampshade on the front and is made from plastic and metal. It's got a long life and easy assembly process to it. And it's a great deal on an affordable price.

Antique Lamps With Glass Shades Walmart

These vintage lamps with glass shades are perfect for any room in your home! With three different types of polypropylene shade material, these will be a perfect addition to any room. The brass finish will give the room a bright and clean look. this antique lamp with glass shades is in excellent condition and features a period inspired design. The lamp is made of lead free glass and features a pivoting green cased glass shade. It is also in excellent condition with no cracks or any other flaws. This lamp is a great addition to any home it features a beautiful hue of green. these antique glass oil lamps with their own chimneys were made in the 17th century. The 17h model is complete with their own gold accent handles and shades. These lamps are a great addition to any room and perfect for the home office or bedroom. these lamp shades are the perfect match for the antiqued glass of the pair of lamp shades we offer. The shades are 1 inch wide and have a delicate touch to them, making them a perfect add-on for any lamp.