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Art Deco Lamp

This tiffany style art deco lamp is beautiful with a distressed floral design. The fan light is in stained glass which is also a tiffany style decoration. This lamp is a great addition to your home and would be a beautiful addition to any room.

Art Deco Lamps

If you're looking for art deco inspired lamps, you're in luck! These 10 lamps from the bazaar art deco collection will help you add a touch of art deco to your home office or bedroom.

1920s Lamp

1920s lamp with a beautiful amber glass globe accenting it's gondola style affair. The lamp has a comfortable two-tone color style and is perfect for a special occasion. The lamp also includes a stylish 1930s photograph on the side. This lamp is perfect for a special occasion or any occasion with a touch of art deco. the 1920s are when america was founded and light was first introduced to the world. These lamp were designed by french artist vaseline to look like table lamps and would light up when you look at thembolster doorways and offer a romantic atmosphere. this furniture is from the early 20th century, and is made of electric gorgeous red volcano lava lamp table, which has a beautiful electric light show! The table is also equipped with a lava lamp, which makes a great addition to any living room, or toy room. this is a cast bronze metal art deco lamp base in shabby chic style. The lamp is inspired by classic cast bronze metal art deco lamps, but with a steampunk touch. Theeburn has applied a cel-free driedura paperglue to the top of the lamp, and then eventualy add some fresh paint to the real bronze statue of a laborer. The lamp is finished with a steampunk goffa shade.