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Brass Oil Lamps

This is a great selection of vintage-style brass miniature collar kerosene oil lamps. They come in part numbers nos. They are in good condition and are as new. This set is a great deal on new product!

Antique Brass Oil Lamps

There are many types of brass oil lamps, but this one is particularly beautiful and antique style. It is easy to create the effect of the water vaporizing and lubricating the metal. The light is warm and inviting, making people feel comfortable in the light.

Brass Oil Lamp

This brass oil lamp is a classic! It is made in mexico and is characterized by its vintage-looking oil light. This oil lamp is perfect for a bright living room or bedroom. The lamp also needs no permanently attached light, so it can be easily adapted to your needs. It is easy to clean, so this oil lamp is perfect for anyone who loves good living space. this is a vintage brass oil lamp wrapper that has a 2-barrel krupps screws on the bottom, and a krupps-manufactured collar that fits the older 2-barrel oil lamps. The screw on collar is from a 2-barrel oil lamp, and is located within a krupps-manufactured wick. This 2-barrel oil lamp wick is associated with a krupps-manufactured screem. The krupps-manufactured screem contains krupps-made in germany, and krupps-made tools. It is in good condition with no flaws. this is a great vintage oil lamp with brass base! The lamp is about 12 inches tall and has a light of about 10 inches on it. The lamp is in very good condition with no flaws. It is also on sale for $50.