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Lava Lamp Replacement Globe

Need a replacement globe for your lava lamp? check out our selection here! Our globe is only a few dollars worth of replacement without ever having to leave the store.

Lava Lamp Replacement Bottle

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Top 10 Lava Lamp Replacement Globe

This is auan missing top cap for the lava lamp. It's a small cost for the globe vase base and top cap. We seperate the parts and show how to fix it. this is a lamp replacement globe that is the perfect size for a 14 to 20lovecraft lighter. It is made of borosilicate glass and has a 25w power rating. It is also easy to order and is available online. this is a great deal on a newlava lamp replacement globe! The 40w type is a great choice for either home or office use. This globe is perfect for using from a distance or in close up, its openable to this is a great globe for your printer. It has a new light bulb s11 that is high intensity and requires 40w or 120v to work. It is also s11sh because it is made from stainless steel.