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Samsung Dlp Lamp

This is a samsung bp96-01600a tv lamp bulb housing cage. It is a 2 unit set bp9601600a dlp tv lamp bulb housing cage. It comes with a 2 led tv lamp and a cage.

Samsung Dlp Tv Lamp

Samsung dlp tv lamp is a great addition to any tv set-up. This lamp is designed to optimize light and darkness, making your movie or show feel more 8-ball. With its sleek design and versatile abilities, samsung dlp tv lamp is a must-have for any tv set.

Samsung Dlp Lamp Replacement

This is a samsung dlp lamp replacement. This is a 1st generation product and it is no longer being made. The reason for this is that they are no longer making the housing for the lamp. So, we arefounder of this product and choose to replace the lamp with a product that is made to work with the current samsung televi. this is a cross-over lamp for the samsung dp3200/3200a and dp4300/4100a televisions. It is a replacement for the projector housing that is currently used with these models. It is a high-quality lamp that will add to your television experience. the samsung bp63-00529a lamp door is a great way to keep your lamp fresh and in perfect condition! It's made of durable materials and it comes with a great function: door light. You can use it for your favorite applications or for sleeping! the samsung tv lamp is a great way to improve light visibility in your tv room. This lamp has a svga pocket proj. Design that will give your tv room a modern look. It also includes a built-in projector that will help make your tv more accessible.