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Saturn Lamp 1939

This is an original 1939 worlds fair saturn lamp. It is a blue all original lamp. It is a perfect gift for the frosty-natured person in your life!

Saturn Lamp 1939 Target

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Saturn Lamp 1939 Amazon

This is an extremely rare 1939 worlds fair saturn lamp. It is blue and all original, and is ultra rare. It is only 10 of them left in the world. And is ultrra rare. It is currently on display at our store. It is blue and has a frost color. It is all original and is in excellent condition. It is a valuable addition to your saturn lamp collection. this delicious frost blue saturn lamp is original to the 1939 worlds fair and is a must-have for any saturn lamp collection! This lamp is very easy to use, just turn it on and enjoy the looking out! The blue light is beautiful on any room or platform!