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Vintage Monkey Table Lamp

This vintage monkey table lamp works asepia shade, and is in great condition. The metal frame is cracked, but the shade is still in great condition. This lamp is on sale for $50.

Vintage Monkey Table Lamp Target

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Vintage Monkey Table Lamp Amazon

This is a beautiful vintage monkey table lamp. This lamp is double light, and features a 25-inch lightwave. It is made of brass, and is in great condition. This lamp is perfect for a easy going atmosphere. this is a vintage monkey table lamp. It is a double light 25th century mid century lamp. It is made of brass and brass wires. It is about 43 inches tall and has a 22 inch base. The lamp is made of plastic and plastic wires. It is around 30 inches tall and has a 17 inch base. This lamp is in great condition. It is used but has not been used often and has some use remains to it. The lamp has several use and is a good condition item. this lovely table lamp from vintage circus peanuts is back in style and easy to find. With its lavish use of color and irani-inspired lighting, this lamp is a perfect addition to any room. Plus, the unique monkey table design is sure to make a statement. this vintage monkey table lamp is a beautiful addition to any room. The lamp is barreled with age and delicately workings with light. The monkey is seen in his various backgrounds and you can see the fun he takes in his life. This table lamp is a great gift for any owner of a sweet tooth.