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Vintage Parlor Lamps

This is a great opportunity to purchase damaged or lost hurricane parlor lamp. These lamps are a great deal at this time! We are willing to take them back or resale if there is a lack of love for these lamps. We do not want to be responsible for taking care of them so we will not offer trade-ins. These lamps are a great value too- we are offering them at 50% over retail.

Antique Parlor Lamps

If you're looking for antique parlor lamps, you'll be disappointed. These pieces of furniture were created as part of a home or office decor. They can be used for both practical and decorative purposes, but they don't deserve to be in the same place at the same time. Instead, give them a break and put them in a room where they can be used for multiple purposes.

Gone With The Wind Electric Lamp

This vintage electric lamp is in great condition with no any damage. It is made from high-quality plastic and metal. It isdimensions at the base with a 28"w and 82"h light. The light is operated by a battery and isoperating for around 350 hours over the past few years. The parlor is also waiting for a new home. this wonderful oil lamp isividually hand-painted and is complete with its own antique parlor lamp handle. The lamp is in excellent condition and features a beautiful green and pink antiques-seasonal favorite. This lamp is perfect for any room in your home! this beautiful parlor lamp is made of french glass and hassurviving glass tubes and lenses. It is in very good condition with no cracks or chips. The light is very good and it is very easy to live with. This lamp is a great addition to any room. this lamps is from the era of the pittsburgh parlor, a social scene where fashionable people could come to together for a social event. This lamp is abanquet lamp which means it is electric e6cripted. The lamp is made of glass and has a greenish-white discolor.