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Wholesale Lamp Shades

Looking for a lamp shade variety that can offer you from affordable and high-quality lamp shades? look no further than surya lamps wholesale! We carry a variety of lamp shades options that are perfect for any hue or style. Whether you're looking for the basics like red, green, and blue shades or the more intricate and expensive choices, surya lamps has you covered. Get your lamp shade needs met with surya lamps, the lampq. Com store for lamp shades!

Top 10 Wholesale Lamp Shades


Best Wholesale Lamp Shades

This package includes: -1 tiffany style shades 7 diameter -2x2mm watering can -1x1mmohmohm parts of a rockandelights of use: this package offers a wide range of shades of gray that go from subtle and classical, to bright and modern. The lamp shades can be used on the light switch, door handle, or other surface without any issues. Is no fee for this package. why this isn't a cable tv: this is not a cable tv package. key features: the tiffany style shades 7 diameter is a non-toxic, non-toxic, german glass lamp shade. It is a diameter of 2mm. it offers a variety of colors that are either subtle or bright. lenox quoizel is a luxurious egyptian slip of paper that is perfect for making up your own lamps shades. This light-weight lamp shades are two bell europe fitter ivory tan braid 5x7" shades. These shades are perfect for putting a touch of luxury into your lighting plan. this set of three shades is perfect for a special occasion, like birthdays or graduation parties. The eyes-on-okc-shaped lightbulb is written in gold on the shade and is removable for easy removal. The shades also include a hanger to hang from the wall and a lightbulb conversion kit to turn your old lightbulb into a high-quality, new-looking lamp shade. this package of three vintage amber lamp shades with acid etching is a unique and rare item. These shades are also a beautiful and unique design. They are perfect for any room in your home and are sure to add a touch of luxury.